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Bus Photos of the Month:

January 2003:
2051a.jpg (52156 bytes)
2051b.jpg (68289 bytes)
Ken Baker's Pick: Calgary Transit 2051 is a 1984 Siemens/DuWag U2 model LRV car shown here at the Fish Creek/Lacombe LRT Station.  2051 was having some technical difficulties when this train arrived to go into service on the Route 201 - Brentwood/Fish Creek Line.  It was later uncoupled from the rest of it's consist and a mechanic ran the train back to the Anderson Shops to do the repairs.  The rest of this train's consist did go into service about a half an hour late after they had moved 2051 out of the way.
sct1003.jpg (79739 bytes)
sct1003-2.jpg (79426 bytes)
Martin Parsons Pick: Strathcona County Transit #1003 is a 2002 Prevost XL-II. This bus was probably on testing when it was photographed in Downtown Edmonton on 100 St at 102 Ave.
February 2003:
8005.jpg (134428 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: Victoria Regional Transit System #8005 is a 1991 New Flyer D40LF.  This bus is one of 9 that were ordered that year for Victoria and were the first New Flyer D40LF's to be delivered to a Canadian Transit System.  I like this shot cause it shows the bus pulling through to the bus terminal at Butchart Gardens in June 1997, one of my favorite older photos of mine.  8005 is about to enter service as a Route 75 to Downtown Victoria.
ets4079.jpg (82352 bytes)
ets4079-2.jpg (99131 bytes)
Martin Parsons Pick: Ooops! ETS #4079 is seen on the back of a tow truck after suffering an engine fire after leaving the garage only about 20 mins before. Apparently the fire was caused by the turbo. I was told that $50 000 damage was done.
March 2003:
2059.jpg (59812 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: Calgary Transit C-Train #2059 is a 1984 Siemens/DuWag U2 LRV car shown at the 7th Street SW Station on a snowy night on February 9, 2003.  The photo may look a little fuzzy in spots from the snow but I liked the way it turned out.
kcm4109.jpg (116935 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick: King County Metro 2002 Gillig Trolleybus #4109 was photographed while it was working a route 32. These buses have new Gillig "Phantom" bodies, with the rebuilt propulsion package from the now nearly extinct AMG trolleybus fleet. Check back though out the month for the new Seattle photo page, as well as Community Transit and Sound Transit!
April 2003:

About our Photos of the Month for April 2003. April 22, 1978 marks the 25th Anniversary of Light Rail Transit in Edmonton. For this reason we decided that both of us would use photos from ETS's LRT system as our Photos of the Month. Go check out Edmonton Transit's website at for the details on the 25th Anniversary celebrations.  Don't forget to check out the ETS SLRT Special section for photos showing the construction of the South LRT Extension.

1037.jpg (77372 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: Edmonton Transit 1037 is a 1983 Siemens/Duwag U2 LRV Car.  This photo was taken at the University of Alberta while it was on a charter for the South LRT Extension.  The people riding this train previously attended the SLRT Meeting at the Alberta School for the Deaf and were transported in ETS buses 206 and 4115 to the University LRT station where they boarded 1037 for a system tour.
ets3cartrain.jpg (131650 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick: ETS #1017 leads a 3 car train south from Belvedere Station. I don't have a date for this photo (except it was taken in 2001), but by this time it was rare to see a consist without at least 1 wheelchair ramp equipped car. This train was one of two out on this day without a wheelchair ramp equppied car in its consist. The other train was a 4 car train set! #1017 was also the last car to have a wheelchair lift installed, being done sometime in the late spring/ early summer of 2002 I do believe.
May 2003:
ets562-6.jpg (107468 bytes)
ets562-7.jpg (90757 bytes)

Ken Baker's Pick: Boy was this a beautiful sight to see!  Transit systems in North America running Fishbowls are becoming fewer and fewer every year.  Some systems like Calgary Transit and Vancouver don't usually run GM Fishbowls on the weekends, but to see a 1972 GM T6H5307N in service on a weekend is rare!  Edmonton Transit 562 is one of those 1972 GM T6H5307N's that Edmonton still runs today and was photographed on Saturday April 26, 2003.  Although the Route 5 - Coliseum to Westmount is normally a trolley bus (Operated with similar bodied buses but with Brown Boveri Canada electric motors), This is the second best bus to run on these runs!  At least it wasn't a New Flyer Low floor where there would be less seating & standing room for passengers, but it would have been good for people with mobility aids & wheelchairs to board the bus.

ets582-3.jpg (105344 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick: ETS #582 is running on a route 85 heading for Capilano as it leaves Downtown on 100 St after loading passengers at Telus Plaza. Hopefully this bus will remain in service for a few years to come. It will celebrates 30 years of service to ETS in December 2003.
June 2003:
0638.jpg (54123 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: Of course my own bus had to be bus of the month one of these days.  This is Ex-Edmonton Transit #638, a 1976 GM T6H5307N, shown here posed for photos just a little east of Calgary, Alberta, taken May 31, 2003.  My bus is powered by the Detroit Diesel 6V71N engine with the Allison VH9 transmission.  It was retired in the late summer of 2001 from the city of Edmonton, right after the 2001 IAAF World Track & Field games ended.  It was later sold to a private owner who wanted to make this bus into a motorhome, but later sold the bus to me on March 23, 2002.  For a more detailed history of the restoration of my bus please see the Preserved Bus section at this link or visit my entry to the Visitor's Gallery at Bernie's Bus Depot here.  Hopefully more people will take an interest in preserving one of the greatest examples of transit buses out there.
ets2010.jpg (112224 bytes)
ets2010-4.jpg (124601 bytes)
Martin Parsons Pick: ETS #2010 is a 1949 GE 44 Ton locomotive purchased and rebuilt by ETS to replace 1912 GE/Alco electric locomotive #2001 in work service on the LRT line. One of 2010's most recent outings was a trip down to Grandin and back to D.L. MacDonald with some work equipment on May 13, 2003. Flat car #2101 was carrying the equipment which was unloaded at Grandin. This first photo shows the locomotive inside Grandin and the second photo shows it returning to D.L. MacDonald.
July 2003:  
0103.jpg (71078 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: Ex-Lethbridge Transit #103 is a 1970 GM T6H5305 shown here posed for photos at the Lethbridge Transit Garage on March 25, 2000 when Steve Parkin decided to purchase this wonderful bus.  It has the distinction of being the first Canadian built T6H5305 for 1970 and was operated up until late 1999 when it was retired almost at the age of 30.  It was one of the last 3 buses for Lethbridge Transit to have the manual steering and the lower exhaust system.  For more details about this bus, please visit the Preserved Bus page here for the history of this bus.
ct2220.jpg (122688 bytes)
ct2220-2.jpg (112394 bytes)
Martin Parsons Pick:
September and October 2003:
CMBC_5512_A.jpg (88033 bytes)
CMBC_5512_B.jpg (80696 bytes)
Ken Baker's Pick: Translink - Vancouver S5512, a 1976 GM T6H4523N is shown here on it's last day in service in the two above photos.  The first photo shows the bus on layover as a Route 108 - Eighth Ave on it's third to last trip sitting at Bay 8 at New Westminister Skytrain Station.  The second photo shows the same bus at the same spot after completing it's last trip on the 108 with a GM Fishbowl.  As of that moment, that bus was to write Vancouver history as being the last GM Fishbowl in active service, returning to the Surrey Transit Centre to await disposal.  But as of September 15th, 2003, the Fishbowl era was reopened temporarily using 5 of the 1982 GM T6H5307N "Hillclimbers" #'s P4104, P4106, P4107, P4108, and P4109, which entered service once again until further notice, possibly because the Port Coquitlam Transit Garage just transferred 3 New Flyer D60LF's back to the Richmond Transit Garage and PCTC needed a couple more buses.
ets1016.jpg (123738 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick: Well, I guess its about time I get my photo of the month up for September. This will also be my photo for the month of October. Work in the Photo Lab has kept me busy catching up with the summer rush and with installing a brand new Noritsu printer in less than a week I don't think I will have time to get the October pic up! Anyways, here we see ETS #1016 leading a train south from Belvedere Station on September 6, 2003 shortly before rail grinding was set to start on this fine evening. Look for a section to appear on Barp in the future with some pics of the rail grinder and it in action.
November 2003:
0965.jpg (54329 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: Canadian Premier Charters 965 is a 1980 GM T6H5307N, Ex-Edmonton Transit #965, shown photographed on 13 Street NW near Kensington Road on September 1, 2003.  This bus was later renumbered to 330 but was not renumbered at the time of the photograph.  For more information on Canadian Premier Charters of Calgary, Alberta, or to charter one of their buses, please visit
gp804.jpg (87869 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick: Here we see Grande Prairie Transit (GP Transit) posed for photos while running a route 2 during the afternoon peak hour. The photo was taken in the Countyside South area of Grande Prairie. Take a look at the revamped Grande Prairie pages!
December 2003:
  Ken Baker's Pick was not selected for December 2003 because of server problems
ets1008-3.jpg (96718 bytes)
ets1008-4.jpg (77411 bytes)
Martin Parsons Pick: If you take a look in the Edmonton Transit 1977 U2 section you will find a photo of #1008 inside of D.L. McDonald awaiting decals. 7 months later we find #1008 running in service still painted plain white as the new decals have yet to arrive! #1017 was also spotted running in service plain white. The fleet numbers were spray painted onto the windows with stencils.

Rail Photos of the Month:

January 2003:
5719.jpg (55189 bytes)
5719consist.jpg (50765 bytes)
Ken Baker's Pick: Canadian Pacific #5719 is a 1975 GMD SD40-2 Locomotive shown in the "No Name" paint scheme.  This locomotive is shown hauling a couple of covered hoppers, a flat car, and CP Caboose 434659, photographed in the afternoon of December 13, 2002 along Mile 171.5 of the Brooks Subdivision, near the Ogden Shops.
gcf6058.jpg (72270 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick: GEC Alstrom SD40-3 #6058, ex CN SD40 #5110 that was rebuilt by AMF. This locomotive is sitting at CN's Walker Yard with SD50F #5506.
February 2003:
5826.jpg (73001 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: Canadian Pacific #5826 is a 1974 GMD SD40-2 Locomotive shown in the "Multimark" paint scheme, also known as the pacman paint scheme.  This locomotive is shown hauling coal gondolas through the Rocky Mountains in Sentinel, Alberta on June 21, 1986.  Special Thanks goes out to Ken Allen for allowing me to use his wonderful train slides on  There will be some more of Ken Allen's slides to come on Barp soon!
cn5684.jpg (47381 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick: CN SD75I #5684 is leading a train on the Vegreville Sub passed ETS's Clareview LRT Station (where this photo was taken from) on its way to the CN mainline.
March 2003:
6021.jpg (39430 bytes)
6021r.jpg (39156 bytes)
Ken Baker's Pick: SOO Line 6021 is a 1989 GMD SD60 shown here with CP Rail AC4400CW #9568 waiting to head eastbound at the CP Rail Industrial Yards in Calgary Alberta on January 4, 2003 in the late afternoon.
cp9738.jpg (53368 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick: CP AC4400CW #9738 was still pretty new when this photo was taken of the locomotive helping to push a train into the south Edmonton intermodal yard. The photo was taken at the 51 Ave grade crossing.
April 2003:
1805.jpg (54624 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: CP Rail 1805 is a MLW RS-18u shown in Montreal, Quebec, possibly at the St Luc Shops.  This unit along with 1800-1868 were rebuilt in between 1980 and 1989 but were retired or sold by 1993.  Special thanks to Doug Boyd for letting us use this photo and the rest of the RS-18u's in the CP Rail section.
cn2601.jpg (116143 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick: CN 9-44CW #2601 is leading a train heading northeast on CN's Vegreville sub past ETS's Clareview LRT Station on March 25, 2003.
May 2003:
8531.jpg (96851 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: CP Rail 8531 is a 1998 GE AC4400CW Locomotive running with a potash unit train detouring on the BNSF mainline along White Rock Beach, White Rock, BC, on a windy day. (normally only BNSF trains run here - very seldom do CN trains detour on these tracks, and this was the first time that the photographer, Michael Chu, had seen a CP train pass over these tracks)
cn1652.jpg (71014 bytes)
cn1651.jpg (78972 bytes)
Martin Parsons Pick: CN #1651 and 1652 are both ex NAR SD38-2's aquired by CN when CN took over CP's share of the NAR. The NAR had 4 SD38-2's which became CN #1650-1653. These two shots show 1651 and 1652 leading a train together at the south end of the Vegreville sub.
June 2003:
5166.jpg (119882 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: Canadian National 5166 is a EMD SD40 shown here in Skoonka, BC hauling a train through the mountains.  This spectacular view almost looks like a model railroad, but is another beautiful photo from Ken Allen's Collection.  Thanks again to Ken Allen for letting us use his slides on our website!
cp3710-4.jpg (141860 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick: I had a photo of a GE locomotive for ETS for the my Bus Photo of the Month for June, so why not a bus as the my Rail Photo of the month?
Here we see CP Rail 54 passenger Bluebird International #3710-49 (I think... some of the numbers are missing so that is a guess based upon residue left by them!) This bus has an older International chassis. I believe that these buses are used to transport works between work sites. The bus was photographed in south Edmonton.
July 2003:
1400consist.jpg (76933 bytes)
1400.jpg (66925 bytes)
Ken Baker's Pick: CP Rail 1400 is a GMD FP7A locomotive that was upgraded to FP9 standards, built in April 1953.  It is shown here coupled together with CP 1900 and CP 1401 leading a train eastbound along the Laggan subdivision (Mile 1.5) in Calgary, Alberta on a sunny June 17th, 2003 as it returns from one of it's tours along the Royal Canadian Pacific vintage outings.
canac8704.jpg (98914 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick: Ex Canadain National S-13u #8704, now Canac 8704, is seen sitting in CN's Sarcee Yards.
September and October 2003:
9639-1.jpg (75278 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: CP Rail 9639 is a General Electric AC4400CW locomotive, built between September 1997 and January 1998.  It is shown here leading a train westbound along the Laggan subdivision (Mile 1.6) in Calgary, Alberta on  February 1st, 2003 as it heads towards Field, BC with a series of auto racks, possibly with some intermodal containers too
cn4766.jpg (100203 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick: Canadian National GP38-2(W) #4766 is the second locomotive in this 4 locomotive lashup heading north on the Vegreville Sub out of Edmonton. #4766 has been repainted in the most recent CN paint scheme.
November 2003:
1421.jpg (68537 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: CN Rail 1421 is a GMD-1u shown photographed heading towards CN Port Mann Yards in Surrey, BC leading a grain train on September 14, 2003
cn5381.jpg (75198 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick: Canadian National SD40-2 #5381 is helping pull a train off of CN's Vegreville Sub and onto the mainline. This photo was actually taking from a moving ETS LRV at the time.
December 2003:
  Because of server problems, neither Martin Parsons or Ken Baker selected a Rail photo of the month.

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