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Edmonton's South LRT Extension

This section will follow the extensions of Edmonton's LRT system southward. Construction began on February 3, 2003 for the first leg to get the LRT above ground, and to the Health Science Centre Station which will be located opposite the University of Alberta Hospital.

Edmonton City Council voted to approve planning of the SLRT extension to Heritage Mall on January 18, 2000. Council has approved construction of phase 1A from the current end of line at the south end of University to the future Health Sciences Station to be located opposite the University Hospital. This phase will cost $100.1 million and will bring the LRT line back to grade via a 6% grade, emerging south of 87 Ave in a part of the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium parking lot. The line will travel though two tunnels bored by a tunnel boring machine, with a short cut and cover section located about 100 meters south of 87 Ave. 

We have 7 main pages with photos of the SLRT Extension Phase 1A. The sequence pages show a series of photos taken from one location, of another location. The TBM page has photos of the TBM and related equipment. The SLRT tunnel/ portal construction page has photos of all construction related photos like the retaining walls, TBM recovery hole, and base slab construction that are in relation to the tunnels and portal area. The Health Sciences Construction page will have photos of the construction of the Heath Sciences Station.
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Education Car Park Sequence (16)
 Tangent Pile Sequence (TBM Construction) (32)
South Entrance Sequence (19)
Health Sciences Station Sequence (2)
Tunnel Boring Machine (94)
SLRT Tunnel/ Portal Construction (72)
Health Sciences Station Construction (22)
Train Testing (15)

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