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Last Updated - October 3, 2017
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Photos of the Month October 2017

James Bures Photo of the Month:

Martin Parsons Photo of the Half Year (2nd Half 2017):

  Strathcona County Transit, a 2016 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500, is seen departing the Bethel terminal as a route 411. 2014 unit #8013 is visible at the terminal in the background. Due to the availability of federal funding, SCT is slated to receive a third order of the double decker buses in the near future.

Golden Arrow 789, a 2015 IC Bus CE-300, is seen running SB on Lewis Estates Bvld. / Guardian Road at Whitemud Drive back in September of 2015. For the beginning of this school year, Golden Arrow once again took delivery of a number of similar units, however I have yet to shoot any of them. From what I have seen, they are already numbered up into 1000+ series fleet numbers!
Happy 150th Canada! Two highlights of the summer have included heading down to Stettler to photo the Alberta Railway Museum's ex CN 1913 MLW 4-6-0 class h-6-g locomotive #1392 running in tandem with Alberta Prairie Excursions 1920 Baldwin 2-8-0 #41, and catching the Candian Pacific Canada 150 train arriving in Edmonton. On the day we visited Stettler, they were running a freight train and passenger train and then swapping locomotives. Here we see 1392 departing Stettler on it's first trip of the day with a string of tank cars (modern tank cars, but, a decent compromise in my opinion) and a caboose. The second photo finds Canadian Pacific FP9A #1401 in charge of CP's Canada 150 train arriving in Edmonton on Monday, July 31, 2017. 1401 is an ex VIA, originally CN locomotive and has had significant upgrades internally, as well as being equipped with PTC as seen by the antennas on the roof. 1401 leads F9B 1900, FP9A 4106 and 4107. 4106 and 07 are in the script livery, while 1401 and 1900 sport the block livery.
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