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Last Updated - July 2, 2017

Photos of the Month July 2017

James Bures Photo of the Month:

Martin Parsons Photo of the Half Year:

  St. Albert Transit #1402, pictured at Government Centre in downtown Edmonton as a route 208, is one of three BYD K9 battery electric buses delivered to the system in May. Originally slated for September 2016, production line delays resulted in the buses being delivered several months late. Nonetheless, not counting the numerous demonstrators that have appeared over the years, these are still the first production battery electric buses in service with a Canadian transit system.

Southland #3998 is seen posed for photos in one of the Calgary service yards. This bus is ex-CMBC (Vancouver) #3272, a 1995 New Flyer C40. Originally powered by CNG, the bus was converted to diesel some years before it was acquired by Southland in 2011. It continues to provide regular service for charters and other special events. Photographed September 2013.
First of, Edmonton Transit System has been renamed to Edmonton Transit Service. This seemed to have come about in the second half of 2016, and in January 2017 the ETS website was changed to reflect this.
Now, lets talk new buses.
Edmonton has tendered for replacements for the Glaval's, with options in later years to replace the entire fleet by about 2021. Grande West has won that contract with an initial order for 6 of their 30' Vicinity buses. ETS has already exercised options for 10 additional buses. All of these should arrive in 2017. On top of that, recently ETS has exercised options originally intended for the 2019-2021 timeframe for 33 addition Vicinity's for Q1 2018 delivery, for a total of 49 of the buses, enough to replace all Glaval's, IC :LC's, and Passport's, except for the Passport HD's. This was in part thanks to Federal funding that allowed ETS to bump up the replacement program,

In this photo, we see #13 arriving at Kingsway Garden Mall on a route. 309.

The newest buses in the Edmonton area are Spruce Grove's first 3 XD40's. These are 2016 production units, arriving in December 2016. With the start of the route 562 on February 13, 2017 these buses entered service for the first time. Oddly, none of the Spruce Grove units were used for the afternoon runs and regular ETS units covered the service. Theses buses are still garaged and operated by ETS for the time being.

In this picture, 6901 has arrived at South Campus on the first day of service for these buses and the route 562.

Finally, we should know shortly who has been awarded ETS's 2017 and future 40' diesel bus purchased. The RFP called for 42 buses in 2017, but, it was recently in the media it will be 33 buses. They will have air conditioning.
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