Contributing to Barp

Part of our goal with Barp is to try to provide a comprehensive photo documentary of transit systems, past, present and future. The material that the webmasters have access to is limited and we are always open to contributions from our viewers. While there is obviously a focus on Canada, that's largely because that's where the majority of my photos are from! However, anything from North America would be of interest, and certainly anything from the rest of the world would be welcome as well.
First of all, this is a hobby website. I work on it when I have time!

Some general guidelines:

- Contact me first before sending me any images. 

- Images should be large enough that they can be viewed easily. I resize all of my scans to 850 pixels wide. I can accept larger files, and then resize them if that's what works best for you. If I do resize files it will be to 850 pixels wide (and the corresponding number of pixels tall). I will add a brief watermark at the bottom of the image with the credit for the photographer, if something like this isn't already on the image.

- The bus should be the main object in the image. A quick look through Barp should give you a good idea about the general composition of shots that we're looking for.

- If you are sending me photos from a system that I don't have photos from, a number of images would be best so that I can build a decent size section. I have two basic pages layouts: 1 page sections which contain all photos and information on a single page, and multi page layouts which have links to each page for each model/ year of a bus. Of course, the 1 page sections are usually used for smaller system, while multi pages sections are used for larger systems which have more buses from different years, and of different models.

- If you are sending images for a section I already have photos for it doesn't really matter how many you send!

- Information is important. For new sections the more information, the better. It is best if you can provide a location for each image.

- All copyright remains with the original photographer for images that are submitted. Seems pretty obvious, but, apparently some photo hosting websites try to take over copyright of the photo.

- Of course, it is ultimately my choice as to what I decide goes up on, and when. Remember, this is a hobby website so I do what I can when I can.

Don't have a scanner but still want to share your photos? I am able to scan slides, and a friend is able to do prints.
As well, I am also interested in purchasing slides, whether individual images or entire collections.

Is there anything specifically that I am looking? Anything from Edmonton and area! Other than that, really anything from Canada and the US. Older images are always interesting and help share the past history of our transit system, and help preserve them for future generations!

I can be contacted at e_transit AT (replace the AT with an @ symbol in your email program) or by clicking here.

Revised: January 10, 2007; January 13, 2007