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Kevin's Bus and Rail Page - Another great website by Kevin Lo focusing of Calgary Transit, Hong Kong, and other places too!
- Yet another great website by Peter McLaughlin that has bus drawings, bus photos and more!

Busdude's Page O' Buses - A great website by Zack Willhoite focusing on transit in the NW United States and parts of British Columbia, Canada

Edmonton Transit Photo Express ( - This website is by Ashton Wong focusing on Edmonton Transit and other systems too!

TransitNOW- A website focusing on Ontario with many photos!

Intercity Bus History of Manitoba and Saskatchewan- Alex Regiec and Dennis Cavanagh’s non-commercial and personal website which attempts to document the history of intercity bus services that have operated or continue to operate in the Province of Manitoba, Canada.

Maritime New England Bus Page- Mostly transit photos with a focus on Eastern Canada and the New England area. As well, light rail, subway, heavy rail and US charter bus. A wonderful website with a lot of older photos!

Steve's Photo Galleries:
    Steve's Transit and Model Bus Gallery- His original gallery with model buses, Montreal and area buses
    Steve's Greater Ottawa Bus Page- His second gallery focusing on OC Transpo and STO
    Steve's Greater Toronto Area Transit Site- His third galley focusing on the GTA
All contain an excellent selection of images!!

Ohio Museum of Transportation - This group of people have a nice historical collection of buses, lots of information including bus rosters of different manufacturers, history, and much more to find!

Bernie's Model and Classic Bus Depot - This website is all about Bernie's model bus collection, along with photos that he has taken, and even a visitor's photo gallery where you can submit your photos to him to put up.  Check out the brief history of my bus that I have on Page 50 of the Visitor's Gallery too!!!!

BRMNA - This book publishing company produces work mainly about the railroads that are excellent quality.  Their sister company, Kishorn Publishing, publishes some non-railroad related topics include buses and airplanes.

Bus Rosters on the web - Bus delivery lists, along with some fleet rosters too.  A good source to find out some details on where a bus had been purchased for.

The Electric Trolley Bus Web Site - A wonderful website by Richard DeArmond that covers different trolley bus operators, both past and present, and much more!

Regional Transit Service - A website by Scott Richards that contains photos of his historical collection of buses he has preserved over the years, along with information on how you can rent these buses for movies and much more!

Dreamliner Bus Leasing and Service - A website by Loren Joblin that has one of the biggest private collections of GM "New Looks" preserved.  His site also has information on his historical collection, along with bus sales information, parts sales, and more! - This is a website mainly with railway information and news, along with some railroad rosters and more!

Old Time Trains - This is an excellent historical website that has photos, stories, and more on older railroad stuff.

Canadian Pacific in the Canadian Mountains - A website by Wilco van Schoonhoven with photos, videos, and more, focusing on the CP Mail line from North Bend, BC to Calgary, Alberta covering the Mountain Subdivision, Laggan Subdivision, and the Thompson Subdivision.

Cordova Bay Station - A website by William C. Slim about headlines, events, timetables, and more dealing with railways.

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