Edmonton Radial Railway Society

The Edmonton Radial Railway Society (ERRS) is a group of volunteers working to restore former Edmonton streetcars, as well as streetcars from other cities. They have two operating lines: Fort Edmonton Park, which is free to ride with park admission, and the High Level Bridge streetcar line, running along the former CPR right of way from Downtown to Old Strathcona over the High Level Bridge center track. 
The collection of cars is quite large, however only a handful are currently restored to operating condition. Please select a link below to see either photos of individual cars, or photos of the lines.

Edmonton Radial Railway #1
Edmonton Radial Railway #33
errs42.jpg (97407 bytes)
Edmonton Radial Railway #42

Edmonton Radial Railway #80
Hankai Tramway Company #247
errs601.jpg (114235 bytes)
Hannover #601

Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board #930
Toronto Street Railway #24

Toronto Transit Commission #4612
High Level Bridge Line   Fort Edmonton Park Line