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Starting June 2006, photos of the month will now be either Rail or Bus photo instead of having separate photos of the month for each.

Bus Photos of the Month:

January 2006:
sct4023.jpg (349577 bytes)
sct4024.jpg (365742 bytes)
Ken Baker's Pick:  Strathcona County Transit has to be one of the most unique fleets in Alberta.  Over the years, they've operated different models of GM Fishbowls, an RTS, Thomas Transliners, New Flyer high and low floor articulated buses, and more.  In the recent years, Strathcona County was known for it's collection of used Fishbowls they've purchased.  The most recent purchases, shown to the left, is two Ex-Edmonton Transit 1982 GM T6H5307N fishbowls.  They are currently numbered 4023 and 4024 still from ETS, but most likely will be renumbered into the 900 series for Strathcona as 924 and 925.  Both photos show the bus parked at the Strathcona County bus garage shortly after they were acquired.
ets1031-clareviewlasttrain2005-01-01-06.JPG (159693 bytes)
ets1019-hssfirstrain-01-01-06.jpg (114989 bytes)
Martin Parsons Pick:  Edmonton opened it's first LRT extension on January 1, 2005. #1019 had the honors of being the first, scheduled, passenger carrying train into Health Sciences Station. A total of 9 passengers rode to the station... 8 of us who made the trip just to be on the first run (4 who had waited at Clareview after the last train, just to ride the first!). There was 1 other passenger who wasn't apart of our little group. We were greeted at the new station by a couple of ETS employee's. 
#1031 was the last train to operate when University was the terminus. While there will be others that end at University in the future, those will be short turn probably because of incidents, or to facilitate work projects.
My two photos are #1031 at University before it's final run of the day to Clareview. The second shot is of #1019 at Health Sciences Station at about 5:40am on January 1, 2006. See the SLRT page for more photos.
February 2006:
0101.jpg (370135 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick:  After using so many newer buses, I decided that I'd use a photo of an older bus for this month's photo of the month.  Kitchener Transit #101 is a 1946 CC&F Brill T44 trolley bus shown pulling out of the garage for it's next run.  Something unique I found about the Kitchener Transit Trolley bus fleet was the rooftop advertising.  This photo was taken August 4, 1972.  Special thanks goes to John Sutherland for allowing us to use his old bus photos.
ets9213-106st118ave-01-08-72-100003.JPG (143515 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick:   TTC #9213 seen in Edmonton while on demonstration. In this photo the bus is on a layover at the 106 St/118 Ave loop. This is now known as the NAIT loop because of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology now located near by. In behind the bus is Westwood Garage. The bus was working a route S2 Parkallen. Thanks to Doug Cowan!
March 2006:
Calgary940.jpg (136082 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick:  Calgary Transit #940 is a 1978 GM T6H5307N shown departing the Anderson LRT Station as a Route 10 - Capitol Hill in 1986.  This order of buses, 900-979, was the last order of GM's for Calgary Transit to be delivered with the traditional "Roll Signs" for the destination sign.  This bus is still in service today, with a Vultron electronic destination sign replacing the roll signs.
  Martin Parsons Pick:   None Selected this month... Sorry :-(
April 2006:
Neither Ken Baker or Martin Parsons made a selection for this month.  Sorry :-(
May 2006:
0665.jpg (970970 bytes)
0665intr.jpg (672050 bytes)
Ken Baker's Pick: PWT/Red Arrow #665 is a 1967 GM TDH5303 shown painted up in the "Spruce Meadows" livery for the LRT Shuttle service that they provide during the major events held at the Spruce Meadows Horse Jumping Facility.  Originally this bus was Ex-Calgary Transit #615, retired and sold by 1985 to Perimeter Transport in Vancouver, BC where it ran for Expo '86 for a parking lot shuttle.  Later after serving for Perimeter Transport, the bus came back to Calgary to operate for PWT/Red Arrow where it still operates today at 39 years of service.  665 is shown in the two photos in June 2003 at the Spruce Meadows East drop off location while waiting for it's next run.  Included is the interior photo showing the former Charcoal Black/White seat cushions and red seat backs before being modified to have the same colored seats as Calgary Transit with Navy Blue and Turquoise Green.
costs883bca.JPG (159235 bytes)
costs883cca.JPG (109684 bytes)
sct883.jpg (105843 bytes)
Martin Parsons Pick: County of Strathcona (Sherwood Park, AB) 883 is a 1990 MCI TC40102A bus, purchased second hand from Santa Monica Municipal Transit as their "Big Blue Bus".  This bus is one of at least two MCI "Classics" that will be operating for Strathcona County.  The three photos show the bus in early April 2006 operating the Route 401 - Wye Road as it does the commuter run from Edmonton to Strathcona County.  What a sight it is to see used MCI "Classics" coming to Canada again!
Skip A Few Months... Apparently.... December 2006

Ken Baker's Pick: None

Martin Parsons Pick:  ETS 2006 Orion VII hybrid #6006 seen on November 29 and 30th while being used on at various Save on Foods for ETS's Stuff A Bus event for the Edmonton Food Bank.
On the 30th, the ETS decals were applied to the bus.

Rail Photos of the Month:

January 2006:
Neither Ken Baker or Martin Parsons made a selection for this month.  Sorry :-(
February 2006:
9303.jpg (116896 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick:  CP Rail 9303 is a 1999 GMD SD90MAC-H, one of only 4 built for CP Rail in the 6000 HP configuration, shown along mile 174.5 of the Brooks Subdivision as it approaches the 8 Street SE crossing after departing the Alyth Yards in Calgary, Alberta on June 3, 2003.
ets2001-cromdale-07-11-80-100013.JPG (194295 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick:  I think I'll be lazy... from Doug Cowan as well, here is a shot of Edmonton Transit #2001 a 1912 GE/ Alco 60 ton electric locomotive. This was ex BC Hydro 961, exx British Columbia Electric Railway 961, nee Oregon Electric #21. The locomotive was rebuilt at Cromdale by Edmonton Transit. The locomotive was also equipped with hydraulic controls for the dump cars it was to operate with for the LRT extension under Jasper Ave. #2001 was retired in 1999 and donated to the ERRS, being replaced by diesel #2010. #2001 is seen in this photo near Cromdale with a dump car in the dump position.
April to May 2006:
Neither Ken Baker or Martin Parsons made a selection for these month.  Sorry :-(

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