Southland Transportation  

Southland Transportation (a division of Pacific Western Transportation) is a school bus operator in the Edmonton area. Based out of Calgary, they expanded operations to Edmonton after PWT decided to rebrand the Red Arrow school bus division as Southland in mid-2008. Originally the Edmonton fleet primarily consisted of former Red Arrow units; however many have now been retired or transferred elsewhere. On occasion buses will swap divisions, and many units have also been renumbered. Buses are listed by their current Southland fleet numbers on this page, with ex-Red Arrow or other former numbers listed alongside them where applicable.

Thumbnail Bus # Year Make / Model Capacity Date Description
878 2002-2003 Corbeil / International 3800-T444E 72 passenger June 29th, 2011 #878 Eastbound on 102ave at 99st.
977 1997 Corbeil / International 3800-T444E 54 passenger April 20th, 2012 #977 parked at West Edmonton Mall. The small wheels, interchangable destination sign, tinted windows, and wheelchair lift sure make for an interesting looking bus!
2227 2005 IC Bus CE-200 72 passenger May 2nd, 2012 #2227 Eastbound on 29ave at 111st.
2681 (R1617) 1997-2001 Corbeil DRW / Ford E-450 diesel <25 passenger (cutaway) June 22nd, 2012 #2681 parked on 152st at 94ave. This bus has a raised floor combined with a high roof and wheelchair lift.
2681 (R1617) 1997-2001 Corbeil DRW / Ford E-450 diesel <25 passenger (cutaway) June 22nd, 2012 Rear of #2681.
2695 (R1789) 1997-2001 Corbeil / International 3800-T444E 72 passenger April 17th, 2009 #2695 Eastbound on 107ave at 156st.
2699 1997-2001 Corbeil DRW / Chevrolet Express 4500 diesel <25 passenger (cutaway) June 19th, 2012 #2699 Southbound on 106st at 51ave.
3360 (R2022) 2002-2003 Corbeil / International 3800-DT466E 72 passenger October 4th, 2008 #3360 in use as a Park N' Ride shuttle for an Edmonton Eskimos game. This bus features a high roof, tinted windows, and luggage bays.
3409 (R2343) 2003-2006 Bluebird Microbird / Ford E-450 diesel <25 passenger (cutaway) April 17th, 2009 #3409 Westbound on 107ave at 142st.
3413 2003-2004 Thomas / Freightliner FL-Series FS-65 48 passenger June 5th, 2013 #3413 parked at Fort Edmonton Park.
3533 2008-2009 Thomas Minotour / Ford E-450 diesel <25 passenger (cutaway) September 18th, 2009 #3533 turning onto 107ave EB from 124st SB.
3945 2012-2013 Corbeil (Collins) Super Quantum / Ford E-450 gasoline <25 passenger (cutaway) June 7th, 2013 #3945 Eastbound on Fox Drive.
3964 2012-2013 Bluebird-Girardin Microbird G5 / Chevrolet Express 4500 gasoline <25 passenger (cutaway) May 14th, 2013 #3964.
3989 2011-2012 Thomas C2 Saf-T-Liner 36 passenger July 16th, 2012 #3989 Westbound on 63ave at Gateway Bvld. Prior to the arrival of these buses, I wasn't aware that Thomas offered the C2 in such small sizes!
5070 2012-2013 IC Bus BE-200 36 passenger May 28th, 2013 #5070 Eastbound on River Valley Road at 105st. This is one of the first I'd seen of the "stretched" (up to 48 passenger extented from the standard 30) IC BE series. The small wheels make them look quite odd, not to mention the engine sounds extremely underpowered!
5084 2012-2013 IC Bus BE-200 48 passenger May 9th, 2013 #5084 Southbound on 76st at Whitemud Drive.

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