First Student Canada - Briggs Bus Lines

First Student Canada, formerly Briggs Bus Lines, is a contractual school bus operator in the Edmonton area. They service various schools in the region as well as provide charter service. While various incarnations of the FSC fleet are found across Canada, this page only details the ex-Briggs Bus Lines of Edmonton units. All units in this section are listed by their original Briggs (3-digit) fleet nubmers, even though most units carried addional First Student fleet numbers on the rear from 2008 onward. As of August 2016, all of these buses have either been retired or completely renumbered into the FSC scheme. Briggs Bus Lines, and the associated Briggs Bus Sales, dates back to 1954 with Briggs Bros. Student Transportation Ltd. One of the first school bus operators in Western Canada, they later underwent a name change to Briggs Bus Lines. Both divisions were acquired by Laidlaw Education Services in 2007, which was then bought out by First Student Canada in 2008. By August 2008, all units were decalled for First Student Canada in place of the earlier Briggs logos. The Briggs Bus Sales name remained intact for a while longer until they were bought out by IC Bus School and Commercial Bus Products. The fact that BBS was a dealer for Bluebird, and later IC Bus, is certainly reflected in the fleet composition! Some former Briggs units have been found operating for FSC in other parts of Alberta, however the majority continued running exclusively in the Edmonton Area.

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