Sperry Rail Service Photos

Sperry Rail Service operates a fleet of self propelled railcars and hy rail veichles epuppied with ultrasonic equpiment to test for flaws in rail not visible to the eye.

Preview: Unit: Description: Date of Photo:
0129.jpg (54636 bytes) 129 129 is shown photographed parked along a spur off of the CP Rail Keith yards on Mile 9 of the Laggan Subdivision in Calgary, AB May 31, 2003
0129-1.jpg (49956 bytes) 129 Another view of 129 May 31, 2003
0130.jpg (67179 bytes) 130 130 is shown photographed parked off of the beginning of the MacLeod Subdivision at the north end of the Alyth Yards in Calgary, AB May 19, 2003
0130-1.jpg (64032 bytes) 130 Another view of 130 May 19, 2003
144 #144 was built in 1975 by SRS-Brooklyn with a Five Star body. #144 was photographed in Calgary AB on CP rails. Summer 2002

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