Recent Downtime

Now that we have your attention...
As many viewers of this website more than likely noticed, over the last week and a half or so most links lead to a 403 Forbidden error. I had revoked access to most parts of Why? Unauthorized use of images from Barp. There was a Fotopic website that used a number of images from Barp without permission. They were removed after I made the request and hence I won't name the website. However, it left me questioning why do I work on this website when people can't even take the time, or have the common courtesy, to email and ask before taking. Especially when we put out our own money so that people can view our photos, and the photos that we have collected over the years. 
Further, an individual on a forum seemed to have come to the conclusion that I had pulled Barp down because of something he did in regards to a prior issue that had been settled involving an avatar. Again, a case where a private message would have sufficed.
Additionally, and I certainly won't deny it, I was having a brutal week and simply just didn't feel like dealing with any crap. Not dealing with crap involved shutting the website down.
I have since updated the Copyright and Legal Notice, as well as made it more prominent. If you can't follow it, don't view the website. Brutal, maybe, but that's what it has come down to. 
Fortunately 99.9999% of viewers have never given me any problems.
I did receive a lot of emails of concern, and support through the downtime and would like to thank everyone who sent in emails. If I didn't reply to you, it wasn't because I ignored you. I just didn't have time to get around to replying to everyone.
We apologize to everyone through the downtime, and we hope that this does not have to happen again.

Martin Parsons and James Bures.