Edmonton Transit CC&F Brill #148

Private Charter - November 9, 2002

November 9, 2002, a group of bus enthusiasts from mainly Alberta and British Columbia, came out to Edmonton to take Edmonton Transit Brill #148 out for a private tour over most of the trolley bus network.  Several photo stops were made along the way including Westwood Garage, NAIT Bus loop, Westmount Transit Centre, Belgravia Loop, Southgate Transit Centre, and Coliseum Transit Centre.  This section will show photos taken along the way of the charter in the way that we had traveled.

The Tour Begins - Westwood Garage/NAIT Loop:

0001.jpg (66705 bytes)148 being pushed by a shop truck to the NAIT loop before the charter
0002.jpg (59744 bytes)The rear shot before the poles went up
0003.jpg (63369 bytes)Posed for photos, Dan Linder waits to take 148 out towards the Westmount Transit Centre
0004.jpg (69544 bytes)The Interior of 148 before everyone loaded up on the bus

Along the way to Westmount Transit Centre:

0005.jpg (71446 bytes)Interior shot of the bus showing the group of people that took this bus for a ride
0006.jpg (76419 bytes)Yet another interior shot showing everyone

The Westmount Private Right-of-Way (Along 114 Avenue on the Route 5):

0007.jpg (92268 bytes)Before we could pose the bus in the Right-of-Way, we unloaded at the bus stop at the east end of the right of way and walked up to where the bus decided to stop.
0008.jpg (61341 bytes)0009.jpg (90676 bytes)0010.jpg (97248 bytes)0011.jpg (69506 bytes)Shown in the Right-of-Way between the trees and the eastbound ROW Lane

0012.jpg (46585 bytes)Bill MacDonald is shown posing behind the wheel of 148 as we wait for everyone to load up.  Check out the old fare decal above his head!
0013.jpg (40482 bytes)The Canadian Car & Foundry builders emblem on the destination bulkhead
0014.jpg (49332 bytes)Bill MacDonald prepares to leave for our next stop at Westmount

Westmount Transit Centre:

0015.jpg (84483 bytes)0016.jpg (58825 bytes)0017.jpg (56163 bytes)148 is posed beside New Flyer D40LF #4196 at Westmount Transit Centre

Along the way from Westmount Transit Centre to Belgravia Loop:

0018.jpg (70100 bytes)Kevin Brown is shown giving the guided tour of the trolley bus system
0019.jpg (60853 bytes)A reflection shot of the trolley bus on a coffee shop along the south portion of the trolley bus system

Belgravia Loop (The terminus of the Route 7):

0020.jpg (68448 bytes)0021.jpg (76569 bytes)0022.jpg (82062 bytes)0023.jpg (75713 bytes)4 different shots showing 148 taking the loop around Belgravia.  This community is one of the greatest communities in Edmonton for supporting the trolley buses.  They probably enjoy the fan trips that both 148 and 202 (That wasn't used on this charter) have made over the years through their community showing the Cleanest, Quietest, and most environmentally friendly form of public transportation.

Heading towards a short turn loop:

0024.jpg (69873 bytes)Because of the wires at this location, there was a dead spot in the wires near this location where 148 got stuck.  A fair number of us jumped out to help push 148 a couple of feet ahead so that we could take the switch to go through the short turn loop and head south to Southgate

Southgate Transit Centre:

0025.jpg (61186 bytes)0026.jpg (57543 bytes)0027.jpg (59791 bytes)0028.jpg (47545 bytes)0029.jpg (53591 bytes)These 5 shots show 148 posed for photos at the Southgate Transit Centre.  This portion of the trolley bus network is used by the Route 9.  A note about the Route 9: The trolley bus Route 9 does a short turn going from Southgate through Downtown, then terminating at the NAIT Loop.

Coliseum Transit Centre:

0030.jpg (51612 bytes)0031.jpg (55619 bytes)0032.jpg (77232 bytes)0033.jpg (71699 bytes)0034.jpg (82294 bytes)Another photo shoot was at the Coliseum Transit Centre.  This is one of the two LRT Stations that the trolley buses meet up to outside of downtown

Westwood Garage/NAIT Loop - The end of the Charter:

0035.jpg (64398 bytes)0036.jpg (59596 bytes)Two photos of 148 is shown at the end of the Charter when the bus arrived at Westwood Garage.  Shortly after these photos were taken, 148 was taken inside of Westwood for cleaning and possibly returning to Cromdale Shops for storage.

0037.jpg (63680 bytes)A group of 4 guys from Vancouver including Derek Cheung, Rob Chew, Kevin Nash, and Alan M. shown infront of Brill 148.

0038.jpg (61960 bytes)Bill MacDonald and Dan Linder pose for a photo infront of 148

A special thanks to Kevin Brown for helping to organize this charter, Bill MacDonald and Dan Linder for doing an excellent job of driving the bus, and everyone that came out that made this charter a success!

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