Light Rail Transit in Edmonton


Light Rail Transit in Edmonton, Alberta officially opened to the public on April 22, 1978 , just before the 1978 Commonwealth Games.  Over the past 25 years of LRT service in Edmonton, it has grown from the original Belvedere to Central line to a larger 10 Station LRT system still with plenty of extensions to come in the future.  The LRT system has seen 4 extensions to revenue tracks and still has 4 more extensions either approved or in the planning.  This section will contain information relating to the LRT system in Edmonton from the early days to the present, with an outlook into the future.  Along with the information about the system, we also plan on showing photos and brochures from over the past 25 years as well.  Please select from one of the links below:

Sections below will be linked as they are completed.  Please keep checking back as this is a work in progress.

LRT History

LRT track and detail maps.

LRT Garages/Storage Facilities since 1978

Current Lines & Extensions to 2002:

Belvedere to Central Stations (Original Line opened on April 22, 1978)

Clareview Extension (Opened April 1981)

Downtown Extension to Corona Station (Opened 1983)

Grandin (Government Centre) Extension (Opened September 1989)

University Extension (Opened on August, 23 1992)

Future Extensions to the LRT System Since 2002:

South LRT Extension to Health Sciences Station (Scheduled to open in 2005)

South LRT Extension to Neil Crawford Centre

South LRT Extension to Southgate & Heritage

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