LRT In Calgary

Light Rail Transit in Calgary, Alberta officially opened to the public on May 25, 1981 with a ceremonial train driven through a special banner by Mayor Ralph Klien (now the Premier of Alberta).  Over the past 22 years of LRT service in Calgary, it has grown from the original Anderson/City Centre line to a large 3-line LRT system still with plenty of extensions to come in the future.  The LRT system has seen 4 extensions to revenue tracks and still has 4 more extensions approved by City Council.  This section will contain information relating to the LRT system in Calgary from the early days to the present, with an outlook into the future.  Along with the information about the system, we also plan on showing photos and brochures from over the past 22 years as well.  Please select from one of the links below:

Sections below will be linked as they are completed.  Please keep checking back as this is a work in progress.

LRT History

Current Lines & Extensions to 2000:

Anderson to City Centre Line

City Centre to Whitehorn Line (Includes a 2 block extension in Downtown)

City Centre to University Extension (On the Anderson Line)

University to Brentwood Extension

Current Extensions & Completed Extensions:

Anderson to Fish Creek/Lacombe Extension (Completed for October 9, 2001)

Brentwood to Dalhousie Station (Completed for December 15, 2003)

Fish Creek/Lacombe to Bridlewood/Somerset (Expected to open at the end of June 2004)

Whitehorn to Westwinds/Castleridge (Expected to open in 2010)


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