Fire Department Buses

Various operation buses including crew transport buses, emergency services, ambulance buses, and mobile command centres

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Strathcona County Fire Department

0904.jpg (110311 bytes) F904 F904 is shown parked at the Strathcona County Fire Hall #1 as their new Emergency Services bus.  This bus is Ex-Strathcona County Transit #904, a 1968 T6H4521 GM rebuilt in 1992 by Paling as their Allouette 35 model (96-35) June 1, 2005
0904fds.jpg (91939 bytes) F904 Another view of F904 June 1, 2005
0904r.jpg (94540 bytes) F904 The rear of F904 June 1, 2005
0904rds.jpg (90402 bytes) F904 Another rear view of F904 June 1, 2005
0904intr.jpg (126471 bytes) F904 The interior of F904 June 1, 2005
0904ser.jpg (60003 bytes) F904 The Serial plate on F904 June 1, 2005

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