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westerhaug654.jpg (98806 bytes) 654 Westerhaug #654 departing from a hotel in located near Calgary Trail North and the Whitemud Drive in Edmonton, AB. May 2003

Western Bus Lines

1788.jpg (85397 bytes) 1788 Prevost Le Mirage XL shown photographed in Edmonton, AB at West Edmonton Mall on a charter April 29, 2001
western1788-2.jpg (68901 bytes) 1788 Western Bus Lines Prevost LE Mirage XL #1788 parked outside of West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta. April 29, 2001
2688.jpg (40798 bytes) 2688 MCI 102A3 shown in a storage lot in Kelowna, BC September 4, 2000

Will's Bus Lines

wills120.jpg (130458 bytes) 120 MCI MC9 shown in Ottawa, Ontario posed for photos February 1995

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