Coach operators beginning with U:

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United Limo

unitedlimo421.jpg (222049 bytes) 421 MCI MC-5C custom built for operation in Saudi Arabia with rear doors and a special roof and the optional two piece front door, shown in Mishawaka, NY September 24, 1988


usaceagles.jpg (42841 bytes) Unknown 3 Eagle Model 10's shown in George? Airforce Base March 1987?

US Naval Academy

usnavalacademy.jpg (130501 bytes) Unknown MCI MC-5C shown posed for photos August 1989?

Utopia Tours

utop170.jpg (94641 bytes) 170 Van Hool T2145 shown photographed on a charter at the Calgary Stampede south entrance July 13, 2001
utop170r.jpg (71537 bytes) 170 The rear of 170 showing a tree branch hanging off the roof of the bus July 13, 2001

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