St. Albert Transit provides transit service to the City of St. Albert, located Northwest of Edmonton, as well as commuter service to Edmonton. St. Albert originally contracted the whole operation out to Edmonton Transit, but when St. Albert purchased their first buses, Edmonton Transit began to just operate, maintain, and garage the buses. The GM transit buses were used on routes to Edmonton, while Briggs Bus Lines operated the local service with school buses. School buses would continue to operate on local routes until 1995. In July 1996, the contract was given to Grey Goose to provide drivers for St. Albert Transit. A new garage had been constructed in St. Albert, and the City of St. Albert provided the rest of the staff to run the transit system. Evidence of Edmonton Transit's operation of the transit system still exists in St. Albert, where some bus shelters still have the old yellow and blue stripes of Edmonton Transit.

Photos of St. Albert Transit

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