2017 BYD Auto K9S35 Battery/Electric

After around six months of delays, St. Albert Transit took delivery of 3 BYD Auto K9S35 battery electric buses in May of 2017. Not counting the numerous demonstrators that have appeared over the years, these are the first production battery electric buses in service with a Canadian transit system. So far they can be found on a number of routes within St. Albert, as well as on commuter runs to and from Edmonton.

Thumbnail Bus # Date Description
1400 July 2017 1400 approaching the temporary St. Albert Centre terminal on Muir Drive as a route A4. Due to the availability of federal transit funding at the time, the regular terminal was closed for rebuilding.
1400 July 2017 The rear of 1400.
1401 June 2017 1401 running SB on 178 Street at Stony Plain Road in Edmonton as a route 205.
1401 July 2017 1401 approaching the Village Tree terminal as a route A1.
1401 July 2017 1401 at the temporary St. Albert Centre terminal as a route A1, with #1400 in the background.
1402 June 2017 1402 at Government Centre in downtown Edmonton as a route 208.
1402 June 2017 The rear of 1402.

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