Leduc Transit serves the City of Leduc and Nisku, located just South of Edmonton next to the International Airport. An earlier attempt at starting up a transit service in the area involved a private operation run by Pacific Western Transportation. This service ran from the University of Alberta to Leduc, only lasting a few months (September 1999 to early 2000) before being discontinued. Just over ten years later, in August 2010, A new service branded "C-Line" (ETS route 590) began operating commuter buses between Century Park in South Edmonton and Leduc / Edmonton International Airport. The service was contracted out to ETS, with ETS providing drivers and setting aside four buses specifically for use with the service (2009 D40LFRs #4866-4869; see here). The peak-hours-only route was altered slightly upon the creation of ETS' own airport bus service (route 747) in mid-2012, with commuter service running directly to and from Leduc without stopping at the airport. Following a couple years' worth of discussions, the decision was made to bring the entire service in-house as of September 2014.

This current incarnation of Leduc Transit features three local routes (West Leduc, South Leduc, and Leduc Industrial / Edmonton International Airport) and one commuter route (an expanded version of the previous C-Line service). The local routes are operated by a fleet of five Arboc Spirit of Mobility cutaways (#s 11-200 to 11-204), while the commuter service is operated by a fleet of four New Flyer XD40s in a single-door suburban configuration (#s 11-100 to 11-103). For the time being, the entire service remains peak-hours-only, with the possibility of expansion to be considered in the upcoming years.

Thumbnail Bus # Date Description
716 October 1999 Red Arrow (PWT) 716 at University running on the short-lived Leduc Transit service of 1999/2000.
Bus Stop September 17th, 2014 An example of a current Leduc Transit bus stop.
11-100 September 10th, 2014 11-100 running as a route 1, approaching Century Park during the first week of regular service.
11-100 September 10th, 2014 11-100 at Century Park as a route 1.
11-100 June 9th, 2015 11-100 WB on 12th Avenue at 7th Street in Nisku as a route 1.
11-101 December 29th, 2014 11-101 at Century Park as a route 1.
11-101 December 29th, 2014 The rear of 11-101 at Century Park as a route 1.
11-102 September 17th, 2014 The interior of 11-102 looking toward the front.
11-103 June 9th, 2015 11-103 turning onto 12th Avenue WB from 7th Street NB in Nisku as a route 1.
11-103 June 9th, 2015 The rear of 11-103.
11-200 June 9th, 2015 11-200 turning onto 12th Avenue WB from 7th Street NB in Nisku as a route 2.
11-202 September 17th, 2014 11-202 running in Leduc.
11-202 June 9th, 2015 11-202 pulling into the Leduc Recreation Centre terminus as a route 4.
11-203 September 17th, 2014 11-203 running in Leduc as a route 3.
11-203 June 9th, 2015 11-203 at Leduc County Centre as a route 2.

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