ETS Transit Centre and Bus Stop Photos

This page will be used to show images of the various transit centres, bus stops and related installations used by ETS to indicate that the bus stops there.

Transit Centres
govtcentre.jpg (126218 bytes) October 2001 Government Centre Transit Centre located on 107 St.
September 29, 2003 Kingsway Transit Centre at night.
September 30, 2003 Meadowlark Transit Centre
September 30, 2003  Meadowlark Transit Centre
September 30, 2003  Signs at Meadowlark Transit Centre
October 29, 2003 Work at Millgate to make the platforms wider on either side of the shelter to accommodate wheelchair customers easier.
southgate.jpg (81328 bytes) June 2001 Southgate Transit Centre with all 40' buses visible being GM T6H-5307N's!
Major Bus Stops

August 29, 2003
100 St bus shelter. This shelter is used largely for people waiting to head to south Edmonton, especially during the afternoon peak hour.
Bus Stops
etsiaafbusstop.jpg (85620 bytes) July 31, 2001 A special bus stop sign erected just for the IAAF Track and Field Games.
 September 14, 2003 Special route 100 sign at 101 St and 102 Ave southbound (north side). These were added to all bus stop signs that the route 100 stops at in late summer 2003, pretty much for when the articulated buses started providing some service on this route.
September 30, 2003  Bus stop near Meadowlark with a rather skinny concrete pad.
September 30, 2003  One of the last 1976-1997 style bus stop limit signs left in the city is at the Meadowlark terminal (as are 2-3 more) these are the last that are left in the city that I have seen (as of 12/11/2003).

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