2002 New Flyer D40LF #4300-4352

During the summer of 2002, ETS began taking delivery of 53 D40LFs from New Flyer. Powered by Cummins ISC engines and Allison B400R5 transmissions, the major difference with this order were the destination signs. After having numerous visibility issues with the earlier Balios signs, ETS decided to try the Luminator Horizon orange LED sign system instead. This was the same type of sign demoed in #209 the previous year. The other spotting difference for this order is the front seating; the rear facing wheelchair position was deleted in favour of the earlier 3 + 3 dual forward facing layout. Almost all of these buses have had their interiors updated with blue ETS insignia seat inserts. Many have also had Cummins ISL engines installed in place of the original ISC. As of summer 2017, all of these buses are in active service.


Units 4300-4310

Units 4311-4320
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Units 4321-4330

Units 4331-4340

Units 4341-4352