2001 New Flyer D40LF #4234-4299

66 D40LF's were delivered in the Spring of 2001, #s 4234-4299. These buses are nearly identical to the 2000 models, the one exception being the slightly more streamlined rear destination signs. Still powered by the Cummins ISC engine and Allison B400R5 transmission, these were the last full size buses for ETS delivered with Balios orange LED destination signs. Almost all of these buses have had their interiors updated with blue ETS insignia seat inserts. Many have also had Cummins ISL engines installed in place of the original ISC. #4257 has a newer-style Pocatec orange LED destination sign on the front only, and #4237 originally featured "www.takeets.com" decals on both sides above the rear wheels (these have since been removed). As of summer 2017, all of these buses are in active service.


Units 4234-4240

Units 4241-4250

Units 4251-4260

Units 4261-4270

Units 4271-4280
Units 4281-4290
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Units 4291-4299

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