2000 New Flyer D40LF #4175-4233

59 D40LF's were delivered in 2000, #s 4175-4233. These buses differed slightly from the earlier models: the rear panels are flat rather than ribbed, the interior lighting is mounted below the ad panels rather than above, and they were also the first to include a rear-facing wheelchair position on the driver's side. They retained the Cummins ISC engines and Allison B400R5 transmissions however. Almost all of these buses have had their interiors updated with blue ETS insignia seat inserts. Many have also had Cummins ISL engines installed in place of the original ISC. #s 4175, 4176, 4210, 4223, and 4224 were prototypes for onboard camera systems (this system only included two cameras instead of the now standard five), and #s 4215, 4217, 4218, 4221, and 4222 recieved upgraded particulate filters. As of summer 2017, all of these buses are in active service.

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Units 4175-4180

Units 4181-4190

Units 4191-4200

Units 4201-4210
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Units 4211-4220
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Units 4221-4233