1999 New Flyer D40LF #4126-4174

ETS received the final 49 buses of the original 129 bus order in 1999. The first 80 were delivered in 1998. Because of this, the two sets of buses are almost 100% identical. The only real difference is the engine; the 1999s are equipped with Cummins ISCs, which in this case are basically rebadged versions of the earlier C8.3E. That and the New Flyer logos recieved an update for the 1999 model year. Otherwise, they include the same Allison B400R5 transmissions and feature set as the 1998 models. #4147 has a newer-style Pocatec orange LED destination sign on the front only. Almost all of these buses have had their interiors updated with blue ETS insignia seat inserts. Interestingly enough, almost all seem to have retained their Cummins ISC engines where many of the 2000-2003 models have had them swapped out to ISLs (the exception being #4128, which is (so far) the only unit with a Cummins ISL in place of the original ISC). As of summer 2017, all of these buses are in active service.


Units 4126-4130

Units 4131-4140
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Units 4141-4150

Units 4151-4160
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Units 4161-4170
Units 4171-4174