1998 New Flyer D40LF #4046-4125

In 1998 ETS received 80 new D40LF low floor buses from New Flyer. These units, #s 4046-4125, were the first full-size buses delivered in the blue and silver ETS scheme. They feature Balios orange LED destination signs and Thermo King rear-mounted heating units, and were the first buses delivered with New Flyer's warm (inner) wall heating system. These buses are powered by the Cummins C8.3E engine and the Allison B400R5 transmission. #4110 was in a head on collision with #953. 953 was retired, while 4110 had its front end rebuilt at Westwood, and has since returned to service. #4112 suffered a major engine fire in June 2006, and was subsequently sent to Winnipeg for rebuild. #4084 and 4121 have a newer-style Pocatec orange LED destination sign on the front only, and #4106 is (so far) the only unit with a Cummins ISL in place of the original C8.3E. Almost all of these buses have had their interiors updated with blue ETS insignia seat inserts. As of summer 2017, all of these buses are in active service with the exception of #4086. This bus suffered a major engine fire in August 2014, and ETS chose to retire it rather than rebuilt it at that point in its life (16 years of service).


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