1982 T6H-5307N #4001-4045

Edmonton's final order for New Look style buses were 45 T6H-5307N's delivered in 1982, #s 4001-4045. These were the first GMs since 1974 to have standee windows. These were also the first ETS GMs delivered with power steering, however many of the earlier T6H-5307Ns recieved retrofits later in their lives. When delivered, all of the buses had conventional rollsigns, however most (with the exception of #s 4044 and 4045) were later refitted with Luminator Matrix: MAX digital flipdot signs (similar to those in the 1993-1994 New Flyer D40LFs). #4040 had a Balios sign demo around 1996-1997. All of these buses were delivered with black Firestone bumpers, the exception being #s 4011 and 4012 which had steel bumpers for some reason. #4034 was one of the first three blue and silver ETS scheme rebuilds, so it recieved a number of variences including small fleet numbers, blue and silver seat fabric, and anti-glare black paint around the driver's area. #s 4011, 4025, 4026, 4027, and 4033 were later rebuilt into the blue and silver ETS scheme as well. #s 4001-4025 also recieved Recaro driver's seats and enlarged driver's compartments. #4002 featured a unique yellow paint scheme advertising "Taking Yellow Pages" until the early 2000s. #4007 had prototype LED taillights. #s 4007, 4023, and 4024 were later sold to Strathcona County Transit as parts buses. Most of these buses were retired in the years leading up to 2008, however a handful stuck around until the end of ETS GM New Looks in late 2009. #4045 was retained for the ETS historical collection.


Units 4001-4010

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