1980 GMDD T6H-5307N #926-995

In 1980 ETS received buses 926-995, which were T6H-5307N model buses from GMDD of St. Eustache, Quebec (after production moved from London, Ontario in 1978). Similar to previous orders, these buses had the Detroit Diesel 6V71N engine and Allison V730 transmission, as well as no standee windows and double outward opening rear doors. 45 units (#s 926-970) were equipped with upholstered seats, electronic destination signs (Gulton LIDS - Luminator Intelligent Destination Sign), and black Firestone bumpers, however the seats were later changed to regular Edmonton Transit seats. #s 926-936 also recieved highway gearing and intercom systems. #s 975-995 were later refitted with Recaro driver's seats and enlarged driver's compartments, however #s 981-995 retained their steel bumpers for their entire lives. #995 even ended up with a nice shiny chrome front bumper off of a 5301 or 5303! 25 units (#s 971-995) were leased out to Winnipeg as #s 671-695, being returned around July 1985 after the lease expired. These sported a unique paint scheme with Winnipeg Transit orange and cream on the top half of the bus and Edmonton Transit blue and yellow on the bottom! A handful of units were later rebuilt into the blue and silver ETS scheme. #s 948 and 952 were auctioned off and ended up running with the unfortunately short lived Beaumont Transportation Service. These buses were mostly retired in the years leading up to 2008, however a number fell short of the life span of earlier GMs due to their questionable build quality. In any case, #s 927, 929, 936, 937, 955, 956, 978, and 995 stuck around until the end of the ETS GM New Looks in late 2009. #995 was retained for the ETS historical collection.


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