1978 T6H-5307N #768-799, 900-925

Another 58 GM T6H-5307N New Looks were delivered to ETS in 1978. These would be the last units ETS would recieve from the GM plant in London, Ontario (all of the later ones were built in Quebec). These units were basically an extension of the 1977 order, and were therefore nearly identical to the previous series. #s 771-779, as well as #s 904-907, 909, 911, and 920 recieved Luminator MAX digital flipdot destination sign retrofits. #s 793-799 and 900-925 also recieved highway gearing and intercom systems. #s 788-792 and #923 sported enlarged driver's compartments to accomodate prototype Recaro driver's seats. #915 was also a prototype for the black Firestone bumpers. #772 had a unique paint scheme advertising "Edmonton, City of Champions." A number of units were rebuilt into the blue and silver ETS scheme, including #772 (at which point it lost it's advertising scheme, of course). Most of these units were retired in the years leading up to early 2008, however a handful stuck around until the end of the ETS GM New Looks in late 2009. #778 was sold to the failed Beaumont Transportation Service as a spare bus in 2001, while #781 found a second home with Regina Transit in 2010! #792 was kept as part of the ETS historical collection.


Units 768-780
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Units 781-790

Units 791-799
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Units 900-910
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Units 911-920
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Units 921-925