GMDD 1977 T6H-5307N #698-767

After the 100 T6H-5307N's in 1976, Edmonton Transit purchased 70 more nearly identical T6H-5307N's in 1977. Instead of having a VH-9 transmission and a 6V71N engine, these buses instead had the 3-speed, V730 transmission, with a 6V71N engine (the same drive train as the 1977 Flyer D800Bs). Various units were rebuilt into the blue and silver ETS scheme. #741 was one of the first three blue and silver rebuilds, which recieved a number of variences such as small fleet numbers, blue and silver seat fabric, and anti-glare black paint around the driver's area. #s 746 and 748 were done shortly after, however they only recieved the small fleet numbers and anti-glare black paint around the driver's area. #s 719, 722, and 764 were prototypes for the black Firestone bumpers. #s 700-715 recieved Luminator MAX digital flipdot destination signs earlier in their lives. #733 also recieved a digital destination sign when it was rebuilt into the blue and silver ETS scheme, however it was a Luminator Matrix: MAX out of a 4000 series GM! Some units also featured additional equipment, including #s 733-741 with intercom systems and #760 with highway gearing. #754 recieved a unique "racecar" paint scheme advertising the route 151 Downtown / Kaskitayo express (the route 47 Downtown / Heritage express after Horizon 2000, now replaced by the LRT extension to Century Park). Most of these buses were retired in the years leading up to 2008, however a handful stuck around until late 2009. #740 was the last ETS GM in regular service, having departed Mitchell Garage at 2:45 PM on November 19th, 2009. Later on in the evening, it was found parked outside on the dead line with the rest of the remaining GMs, ending almost 50 years of GM New Look service on Edmonton's streets.


Units 698-710
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Units 721-730
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