1976 T6H-5307N #397-399, 601-697

Throughout 1976, Edmonton Transit took delivery of 100 T6H-5307N model buses from GMDD. These were the first GM's to be delivered to Edmonton Transit in the then new white, yellow, and blue paint scheme. All but one of these buses was powered by a 6V71N engine and VH-9 transmission. The exception was #695 which while it had a 6V71N engine, it had a 3 speed V730 transmission which replaced the original VH-9 transmission. Similar in looks to the 1975 T6H-5307N's, this series was slowly retired from around 2001 to February 2008. All originally sported small rear fleet numbers, however #637 was the only one which kept them unitl the final retirements. #620 recieved the front end off of 1962 TDH-5301 #442 after being damaged in an accident. Various units were rebuilt into the blue and silver ETS scheme. The first one done was #628, which recieved a number of variences such as small fleet numbers, blue and silver seat fabric, and anti-glare black paint around the driver's area. The last three rebuilds (#s 682, 683, and 691) retained their original paint schemes with the exception of updated ETS logos. A handful also sported prototype front and rear bumpers, including #657 with a set of all-white Transorb bumpers and #676 with a set of black Firestone bumpers. The last units in service were #s 631, 645, 650, and 653 running out of Mitchell garage, spotted in service the week of February 18th, 2008.


Units 397-399, 601-610

Units 611-620

Units 621-630

Units 631-640
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Units 641-650

Units 651-660
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Units 661-670

Units 671-680

Units 681-690

Units 691-697