1975 GMDD T6H-5307N #322-396

This order was the first order of GM buses for ETS not to have standee windows, and folding rear doors. The rear doors on these buses were of the double stream outward opening style. Originally delivered in the red and cream paint scheme, they were all repainted to the blue, yellow, and white paint scheme, and a few were repainted a second time into the blue and silver ETS scheme. A few of the earlier blue and silver rebuilds (#s 322, 349, 350, 365) sported small fleet numbers and anti-glare black paint around the driver's area. #s 325 and 372 were protoypes for the black Firestone bumpers. #372 also had a black GM plate off of a 5303 which sure made for a neat looking bus! 375 was the first unit retired; it was found at Canadian Consolidate Salvage on November 19, 2000. The rest were retired between then and early 2008.


Units 322-330
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Units 331-340

Units 341-350

Units 351-360

Units 361-370
Units 371-380

Units 381-390

Units 391-396