2016 Crestline-Goshen Impulse / Ford E-450 DATS shuttle #N5196-N5203  

Delivered in mid-2016, these units feature Goshen Impulse bodies, an updated model that replaced the earlier GC-II.

Thumbnail Bus # Date Description
N5199 October 2016 N5199 running SB on 85 Street, approaching 82 Avenue.
N5200 February 2017 N5200 running EB on Jasper Avenue at 112 Street.
N5200 February 2017 The rear of N5200.
N5202 November 2016 N5202 running NB on 101st at 103a Avenue.
N5202 November 2016 N5202.
N5203 November 2016 N5203 near the DL MacDonald LRT shops.

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