Calgary's city-owned transit system started operation in 1909, replacing a small, private bus system. Originally known as the Calgary Electric Railway, it was renamed to the Calgary Municipal Railway in 1910. Initially run entirely with streetcars, 1932 saw the arrival of the first motor bus. In 1946 the name was changed to the Calgary Transit System, with the first trolley coaches hitting the streets in 1947. In late 1950, the streetcar system made its last run, having been entirely replaced by trolley coaches. The trolley system ran until March 1975, with the official last run being on May 8, 1975. 1981 saw the return of electrically powered rail vehicles to Calgary with the opening of the first LRT (C-Train) line. This original network included routes 201 (Brentwood to Fish Creek-Lacombe) and 202 (City Centre to Whitehorn).

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