Bus Spotting Features

Welcome to Bus Spotting Features page.
The story behind this page goes back to the late Peter Cox when he leant me a selection of negatives from his collection to scan. I wasn't even sure what I was looking at, so I started searching the Internet to figure out what the bus on my screen actually was as I can't say I am very familiar with pre-1940 transit buses! I've seen a lot of rosters which seemingly exotic makes and models, so, I figured one way to help illustrate transit bus history would be to build pages to at least document the buses I have images to support. That way if someone sees, say, a Twin Coach 23-R on a roster, they could use this section to see what a Twin Coach 23-R looks like, even if it isn't for the company that they are interested in. Or, if someone is curious what made a Ford 19-B different from a 29-B. Of course, this page will be limited by the amount of material we have to display. Longer term, I hope to include some more detailed looks at more modern buses. What makes a 1993 D40LF different from a 2005 D40LF? What makes a T6H-5305 different from a T6H-5307N?

A special thanks to Peter Cox for helping get this page started.

CCF/Brill Hayes
 - Trolleybus Mack
 - Motorbus New Flyer
 - Coaches Pullman Trolley Coaches
FitzJohn Reo
Flyer Twin Coach
Ford White
GMC and Yellow Coach "old looks" Yellow Coach
GM New Look's