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Bus Photos of the Month:

January 2005:

Ken Baker's Pick:  More Better Buses #332 is a 1970 GM T6H5305, formerly Red Deer Transit #7118.  This bus was Red Deer Transit's first GM "New Look" and is now operating in Calgary, Alberta since the Fall of 2003.  #332 is More Better Buses backup bus that was specially chartered for the Alberta Transit Fans Winter 2004 Charter that took place on December 23, 2004.  The photo I chose for my photo of the month was taken at the top of Crescent Heights overlooking the downtown area, showing #332 all decorated with some Christmas lights.  This bus is powered by the Detroit Diesel 6V71N engine with the Allison VS2-6 "Super V" 2 speed overdrive transmission.  This bus still feels like the day it was delivered to Red Deer Transit with the amount of power in the engine, however More Better Buses has changed the interior seats to Calgary Transit Colors replacing the old Red Deer Transit seats.  #332 is the only bus in More Better Buses active fleet with the original livery from where the bus was purchased from.  Red Deer's colors suited well for More Better Buses two other active GM's, #330 and 331 (Ex-Edmonton Transit #965 and 946).  For more photos of More Better Buses, click here or visit their website at for more information 

Martin Parsons Pick:  A Blue Sky Limo GMC RTS is seen here parked in south Edmonton next to The Standard nightclub. This bus is believed to be an ex Brewster unit that ran in Banff.
February 2005:

Ken Baker's Pick:  None Picked. 
Martin Parsons Pick:  Edmonton Transit BBC #110 was photographed by Doug Cowan while sitting on a layover at Southgate as a route 9 NAIT.
March 2005:
0656.jpg (217142 bytes)
0656r.jpg (169032 bytes)
Ken Baker's Pick:  Perimeter Transport #656 is a 1967 GM TDH5303 (Ex-Calgary Transit #606) shown photographed in September 1988 sitting retired near an air field after being used as a parking lot shuttle in Vancouver, BC for Expo 1986.  When Perimeter Transport purchased the bus, they had decided not to repaint all the Ex-Calgary Transit buses they purchased.  656 was part of the 16 buses (Ex-Calgary Transit #606 to 621) that was purchased in March 1986 and were numbered 656 to 671.  Today, 656 now serves for Red Arrow Luxury Motorcoach as the same number, operating the Spruce Meadows LRT shuttle service bus with 4 other buses that were sold to Perimeter Transport.  For photos of this bus and the other buses operating the Spruce Meadows LRT shuttle service, please click here.
  Martin Parsons Pick:  None selected
April 2005:
7143-1.jpg (82390 bytes)
7143-3.jpg (73732 bytes)
Ken Baker's Pick:  Red Deer Transit #7143 is a 1980 GM T6H5307N.  This bus is the last GM that is owned and in revenue service for Red Deer Transit that is not rebuilt.  The other 14 GM T6H5307N's that Red Deer Transit owns and operates were rebuilt between 2000 and 2003 at Metro Collision in Mississauga, Ontario.  With 7143 being the last not rebuilt GM, it makes it rare to see it out.  This bus usually operates during rush hours as an extra.
  Martin Parsons Pick:  None selected
May 2005:
0133.jpg (407572 bytes)
0133r.jpg (351534 bytes)
Ken Baker's Pick:  Lethbridge Transit #133 is a 1990 MCI TC40102N "Classic" shown in Calgary, Alberta while on a charter with a local high school group at the Calgary Zoo.  It's not too often you can spot a Lethbridge Transit bus in Calgary, but it does happen from time to time.  The first photo shows 133 loading up passengers at the Calgary Zoo north parking lot (Next to the Calgary Zoo LRT Station) while the second photo shows 133 on Deerfoot Trail southbound past 17th Avenue SE as it passes by a Calgary Transit 1992 MCI Classic #5091 on April 8th, 2005
  Martin Parsons Pick:   Click here for a set of pics from my trip out to eastern Canada!
June 2005:
Ken Baker's Pick: Brandon Transit #37 is a Flyer D901A shown photographed as a Route 6 - Victoria East on August 25, 1997.
sctsetra-5.jpg (126323 bytes)
sctsetra.jpg (94287 bytes)
Martin Parsons Pick:  A Setra demo bus ran for Strathcona County Transit on their route 401 for a couple of days between May 31 - June 2 or 3 2005. These photos show it first turning into the terminal and then waiting to leave on its next trip.
July 2005:
1501PelBay.jpg (143056 bytes)
1501and9884.jpg (140629 bytes)
Ken Baker's Pick: New York Bus Service #1501 is a 1982 GM T8H5308A, shown in what could be it's last day(s) of service on July 1, 2005 operating as a Route to the Pelham Bay park in the Bronx.  1501 and 1505 did go out this day after "A mad takeover by MTA of the New York Bus service."  Starting July 1, 2005, New York Bus Service equipment started appearing with the MTA name all over them.  With this take over, this could be the end of these buses unfortunately.  In the first photo of 1501, it is shown at the Pelham Bay park after it finished it's last run and in the second photo, 1501 is shown from the IRT Subway overpass as it deadheads back to the garage, possibly for the last time.  We'll see after the Independence Day long weekend if any more fishbowls appear from NYBS.  Thanks to Joe Caronetti for letting me use these two photos!  Shortly after this bus was chosen for my Photo of the Month, 1501 and the other NYBS Fishbowls were pulled off the road and all but one put up for sale by tender.  The one that didn't get sold was held for preservation.
  Martin Parsons Pick:  None Picked
August/September 2005:
0140.jpg (118532 bytes)
0140fds.jpg (120888 bytes)
0140r.jpg (116337 bytes)

0140rds.jpg (133418 bytes)
Ken Baker's Pick: Edmonton Transit #140 is a 1982 Brown Boveri Canada (BBC) HR150G Trolley bus.  It is shown proudly after it had been refurbished and put on the road shortly before this photo was taken on July 27, 2005.  July 2005 is also the one year anniversary after Edmonton City Council voted in favor to keep the trolley bus system going until 2008 when it will be put under review at that time.  With the anticipation of the news that a handful of BBC Trolley buses would be refurbished, I was expecting to see the first trolley emerge as the Blue and Silver livery that the GMC Diesel buses of the same age and older are being repainted into.  This spin-off of the Blue & Silver livery gives the Trolleys a new look and still makes them feel like new.  Thanks goes out to the personnel of Edmonton Transit for keeping our clean trolley buses on the road and giving them a second life!
0809957-R2-E077..jpg (448769 bytes)
0809957-R2-E078..jpg (432548 bytes)
Ken Baker's Bonus Photo: Banff Transit 3 is a 1988 New Flyer D40 that was formerly AC Transit (Oakland, CA) #2535 is shown here photographed departing the Sulphur Mountain Terminal as a Route 3 - Sulphur Mountain.  Banff Transit doesn't use fleet numbers for their buses, but are referred to by which route number it normally operates on.  Check out the new photos added to the Banff Transit section, with new photos added September 4th, 2005!!!
van2101-13.jpg (188927 bytes)
van2101-14.jpg (204538 bytes)
van2101.jpg (134157 bytes)
Martin Parsons Pick: As usual, with the summer being my busiest time at work, I certainly haven't done the amount of work I would like to have done on the website. Despite being busy, I did manage to take off to Vancouver for the unveiling of E40LF #2101. These pics were taken on July 19, 2005 as the bus was heading out for testing.
October 2005:
5112.jpg (121888 bytes)
5112r.jpg (102329 bytes)
5112ser.jpg (306163 bytes)
Ken Baker's Pick: Calgary Transit 5112 is a 1990 TMCI AC40102A bus, purchased used through a Canadian bus reseller.  This bus originally was Ex-Connecticut Transit #9107 and built through MCI Canada.  The model AC40102A is a spin off of the Canadian model system TC40102A, in which I believe the A at the beginning of the model number stood for American specification bus.  At the time of this photo, taken September 24, 2005, this bus was still under receiving final touches after being delivered to Calgary Transit.  It is photographed inside of the Victoria Park Garage about a week before it went into revenue service and transferred to the Anderson Garage where it will be assigned to operate from.  The last photo of the series shows the TMCI serial plate instead of the traditional MCI serial plate that was installed, noting the difference between a Canadian and an American specification "Classic" bus

Martin Parsons Pick: OK... So, a wee bit late for October, but early for November. Never the less, a double shot. 
Both from Regina Transit.
First, #701 a former Dennis/ Thomas SLF 200, posed at the garage for photos.
Second, 1987 MCI TC-40102N #549 repainted into a paint scheme like the Nova Bus's after its rebuild. 
November 2005:

Ken Baker's Pick: Well, usually I don't pick the same bus twice for photo of the month, but I just had to use Ex-Edmonton Transit #22 again.  22 is a 1969 GM T6H4521 that I completed the restoration process on in the past two years.  Originally I wanted to restore the bus to it's "as retired" look, but after some encouragement, I decided to restore it to it's 1978 look in the old fired orange and light cream colors.  The first two photos show 22 after I had applied the fleet numbers to the bus for these photos and the last two photos show 22's rear at the paint shop as it waited to be picked up.  All 4 photos were taken on November 3, 2005.  For more photos of 22 and all about it's restoration process, click here to visit it's section or click the Preserved Bus link above and select the Ex-Edmonton Transit #22 link.

Martin Parsons Pick: OK... So, a wee bit late for October, but early for November. Never the less, a double shot. 
Both from Regina Transit.
First, #701 a former Dennis/ Thomas SLF 200, posed at the garage for photos.
Second, 1987 MCI TC-40102N #549 repainted into a paint scheme like the Nova Bus's after its rebuild. 

Rail Photos of the Month:

January 2005 to April 2005:
Neither Ken Baker or Martin Parsons made a selection for these months.  Sorry :-(
May 2005:
5782.jpg (168761 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick:  CP Rail EMD SD40-2 #5782 is shown photographed in Wyckoff, NJ leading Northfolk Southern Locomotives 1616 and 6176. on a sunny afternoon.  Look for some new CP Rail photos to be added sometime in the month of May!
via6402.jpg (141350 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick:  VIA Rail F40PH-2 #6402 is seen in the middle of a consist with LRC's ahead and Renaissance cars behind. 6402 and the Renaissance cars are probably a train that is deadheading.
June 2005:
Ken Baker's Pick:  CN #1570 is a 1972 EMD SW1500 shown photographed in Wisconsin Rapids, WI on July 5, 2003.  Come check out the new CN Updates uploaded on June 7, 2005!!!
via908.jpg (95909 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick:  VIA Rail P42DC #908 backs a train into Montreal's main train station on a soggy April day in 2005. The metal structures on the bridge are the cantenary bridges erected for CN's electric operations, now operated by AMT.
July 2005:
6606.jpg (121582 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick:  CP Rail 6606 is a 1980 EMD SD40-2 Locomotive, formerly SOO Line, shown freshly repainted into the "Rodent" or "Beaver" scheme as referred to by rail fans.  6606 was trailing behind CP Rail 5663 near Mile 171 of the Brooks Subdivision in Calgary, Alberta next to the Ogden Shops.  This train was waiting to head Eastbound with a bunch of autoracks.
  Martin Parsons Pick:  None Picked
August/September 2005:
cprsilver.jpg (122364 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: The CP Rail "Silver Solarium" dome car/observation car is shown here in Calgary, AB at the tail end of a passenger service train led by CP Rail #2816, the Royal Hudson.  The "Silver Solarium" was on lease from "Rail Journeys West" at the time of this photo in July 2005 for the CPR Steam Special rail tours.  This photo was taken near the Fort Calgary Historic Site off of 9th Avenue at 5 Street SE as this car and it's consist appears to be heading back to the Alyth Yards in Calgary. 
0810594-R1-E002..jpg (428920 bytes)
0810594-R1-E003..jpg (470453 bytes)
0810594-R1-E004..jpg (466529 bytes)
0810594-R1-E008..jpg (450226 bytes)
Ken Baker's Bonus Photo: Rocky Mountaineer Railtours 8012 and 8013 are shown heading through the Rocky Mountains near mile 62 of the Laggan Subdivision at the Gap - East signals just west of Exshaw, AB.  Also shown in the last photo is one of the Rocky Mountaineer Railtours Gold leaf dome passenger cars at the tail end of the train, shown on August 24, 2005
cnr102a.jpg (331274 bytes)
cnr102b.jpg (303033 bytes)

cnr102c.jpg (313274 bytes)

cnr103a.jpg (283932 bytes)
Martin Parsons Pick:  Not only did I manage to get a bus photo of the month up, but a rail one as well!

Here we see Canadian National #102 and 103. Both are E-8 locomotives used to haul CN's official trains. They were aquired, I believe, in the take over of Illinois Central.
They were photographed by Mike Dasher at Edmonton's VIA Rail station on July 17, 2005 when they were in Edmonton for the Grand Prix.

October 2005:
up8240-1.jpg (129299 bytes)
up8240.jpg (100263 bytes)
Ken Baker's Pick: Union Pacific 8240 is a GMD SD90MAC, built sometime between 1995 and 1998.  This locomotive is seen as part of the consist including CP Rail 9810 leading (GM AC4400CW) followed by CEFX 124 (GMD SD90MAC-H) as it passes by the Chinook LRT Station in Calgary, Alberta on September 20, 2005.  This photo was taken along mile mile 4 or 5 of the MacLeod Subdivision at approximately 61 Ave SW near MacLeod Trail.
  Martin Parsons Pick: None picked

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