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Bus Photos of the Month:

January 2004:
crowchild.jpg (50704 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: Not really a photo showing a particular bus or LRV vehicle, but it was an interesting photo that I decided to use.  This is the view looking southbound on the Dalhousie/Fish Creek-Lacombe line just a bit north of the Banff Trail Station.  There was problems with the trains heading southbound from Dalhousie that day (December 15, 2003, the first day of service to the new Dalhousie LRT Extension) because of a train with door problems was limping the system and causing every train behind it to back up and stop at every signal.  My train stopped at signal C63 inside of the Crowchild Tunnel so I decided to take this chance to photograph the view looking out of the tunnel from the train while it waited for a yellow light (at the very least) to proceed heading southbound.  The photo turned out so well that I decided to use this photo for my photo of the month.
ets1029.jpg (192201 bytes)
etsrepaintrain.jpg (198199 bytes)
Martin Parsons Pick: First we see #1029 at Clareview with 1017 and 1008 behind it as the train was getting ready to head south, then we see the same train at Churchill Station. This was the first day that the repainted LRV's were in service. It has taken 6.5 years since the new system wide paint scheme and logo were introduced, and 8 months since the new paint scheme was first shown off during the 25th Anniversary of the LRT for it finally appear on some LRV's.
February 2004:
1031.jpg (53584 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: Diversified Transportation #1031 is a Prevost H5-60 articulated highway coach shown photographed in Fort McMurray, Alberta on Fraser Avenue at Main Street, taken on April 7, 2003.  These buses feature the 60 feet of length, a rear entry/exit door, loads of interior and storage room, and more!  Come and check out the latest Diversified Transportation update that includes this photo and 40 others in the Coaches section to the left!
0858.jpg (44630 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick: St Albert 858 is a 2004 Dennis SLF-230 30 foot bus shown arriving at the West Edmonton Mall Transit Centre as a Route 205 - West Edmonton Mall on February 3, 2004
March 2004:
1928.jpg (64084 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: Fort McMurray Transit 1928 is a 1993 NovaBUS TC40102N "Classic" bus operating on a Route 3A - Gregorie as it turns off of Main Street onto Franklin Avenue in downtown Fort McMurray on April 7, 2003.
sct917-3.jpg (78905 bytes)
sct1005-3.jpg (105735 bytes)
Martin Parsons Pick: OK... So I couldn't decide which pic to use, so I used both. #917 and 1005 are among the 2 newest additions to Strathcona County Transit fleet. #917 is an ex BC Transit 1981 T6H-5307N as is probably #916. The bus was photographed southbound on 100 St at Jasper Ave. #1005 is a 2003 or 2004 Prevost XL-II, which along with #1006, has expanded SCT's XL-II fleet to 6 buses. #1005 is eastbound on 102A Ave nearing 101 St as a route 413. Theses buses and the previous XL-II's are being fitted with electronic destination signs.
April 2004:
gillig.jpg (122207 bytes)
gillig-1.jpg (121773 bytes)
Ken Bakers Pick: From March 8 to 11, 2004, Edmonton Transit had a chance to test out the Allison Electric Drives diesel-electric hybrid bus.  The Allison Electric Drive system was built into this 2001 Gillig Phantom body, powered by a 330HP Electric motor that runs off of 6 batteries and the 220HP Cummins ISB 5.9L diesel engine.  This bus was brought up to different transit systems in the province of Alberta, with stops in Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat (I think), Red Deer, and finally ending up in Edmonton before it was trucked out to Vancouver, BC.  This bus was my first Gillig Phantom bus to see and to ride, and to say the least, I was very impressed with the way it performed and felt!  These two views were both taken on March 9, 2004, the first view at the NAIT loop, outside of the Westwood Garage while the second view was taken as the bus departed the Kingsway Transit Centre after they had dropped me off along with another driver.
49230016.jpg (149964 bytes)
49230013.jpg (218883 bytes)
Martin Parsons Pick: These two photos show the Lovat TBM being used on the Edmonton SLRT extension to bore the twin tunnels from University to south of 87 Ave. It broke through first in November while working on the southbound tunnel, then in March it broke through on the north bound tunnel.
The first photo shows the TBM as viewed from the University Station. The second photo was taken by a SLRT worker who offered to take my camera inside and take a few photos. As you can see I didn't say no! The TBM now will be further propelled into the recovery shaft and then dismantled and lifted out piece by piece as it is no longer needed in Edmonton.
May 2004:
0219.jpg (155670 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick:  Diversified 219 is a 1969 GM S6H4503 shown photographed at the PWT/Diversified yard in south Edmonton.  The bus beside in the photo is another one of the S6H4503's #218.  Photo taken on July 7, 1983.  Come check out the Diversified Transportation section (In the Coaches section) in the future for some beautiful Peter Cox photos that will be added soon!!!
wt728.jpg (109804 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick: Winnipeg Transit 1976 Flyer D800 on a layover while it was working what looks like a route 29.
June 2004:
1-16-04 (35).JPG (242289 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: Santa Monica 5180 is one of the most historical fishbowls built.  It was a 1986 GM T8H5307A, serial G3500179 and was the last ever produced fishbowl.  From approximately 1983, GM slowly phased out the fishbowl in favor of the newer and updated "Classic" design which was built by two of it's other successor companies, GM Diesel Division (Canada) began the design in 1983 to 1987 for production models, MCI/Greyhound built them from 1987 to 1993 and NovaBUS built the "Classic" from 1993 to 1997. Over the years, only few systems ordered the fishbowl in the T6H4523N, T6H5307N, T8H5307A, and T8H5308A models, and only 20 groups of orders were placed from January 1983 until 5180 was produced by April 1986.  5180 is powered by a Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engine with the Allison V730 or V731 transmission, equipped with factory air conditioning and a wheel chair lift in the front door.  Thanks to Andrew Novak from for allowing me to use this photo to mark the 18th anniversary since the last GM Fishbowl was produced.  You can click the above photo to view the full sized image.  This bus is still in service today and for those who want to ride it, 5180 is currently operating on a weekday afternoon tripper on line 7. It starts at the Veterans Hospital and heads south on Sawtelle Blvd. then east on Pico Blvd and is assigned to only one driver.  Thanks to Russ Jones for the information on where this bus still runs today.
kcm999.jpg (113130 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick: Seattle Metro AMG Trolleybus #999 finishes a turn while on its way back to the garage after the evening rush hour. These buses are now all retired. #1008 has been restored and is now part of MEHVA's collection.
July 2004:
4908.jpg (171984 bytes)
4908-1.jpg (129508 bytes)
4908-2.jpg (126741 bytes)
Ken Baker's Pick: Although I couldn't make up my mind which one of these shots would be used, I decided to use them all.  Edmonton Transit 4908 is shown photographed in the three photos above while operating on a demonstration to Calgary Transit.  This bus was used as a possible future type of bus that could be operated on the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system that will be beginning operation in the Fall 2004 signup in Calgary.  The bus itself is a 2003 New Flyer D60LF powered by a Cummins ISL engine with the Allison B500R6 transmission.  The first photo was taken on June 7, 2004 on the first day of the demonstration parked outside of the Sandstone Terminal as I got the driver to pose it with Route 2 - Mount Pleasant on the destination sign (A route the demonstration didn't operate on), the second photo was taken on June 15, 2004 while the bus was on layover on Centre Street North at McKnight Blvd  as a Route 3 - City Centre, and the third photo was also taken on June 15th, but this time on 12th Avenue at 5 Street SW after the bus had completed the morning piece on the Route 3 - City Centre and was about to head back to Spring Gardens Garage.  This demonstration went from June 7 to June 17 on weekdays on the Route 3 - Sandstone to City Centre and the Route 101 - Coach Hill in the AM and PM rush hours.  Thank you to Edmonton Transit for loaning Calgary Transit this bus!
quick1563-2.jpg (108469 bytes)
quick1563-3.jpg (97770 bytes)
Martin Parsons Pick: Here we see Quick Coach #1563, a 1973 TDH-3302N. This bus is ex Calgary Transit #330 is among one of the few "Baby Fishbowls" still around. It is currently in operating condition, however, it doesn't see much service. Here we see the bus at the Vancouver bus depot picking up passengers while running a pickup service for Quick Coach's service to Seattle.
August 2004:
Ken Baker's Pick:  Brewster 221 is a MCI 102C3 shown photographed on the runway of the Calgary International Airport in June 2002 during the G8 world summit that took place in Kananaskis Country in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta.  221 was used to transport the crew of the airplane in the background, the world famous United States of America "Air Force One" airplane.  Just to even see a photo of a bus on a runway these days is rare enough, but to have a photo of a Canadian companies charter bus parked on the runway beside both of the United States' Air Force One planes is even more rare.  Special thanks goes to Peter Brown who submitted this photo, along with the other two shots of this bus in the Brewster Transportation section, that were taken by his dad Ted Brown who drives for Brewster.
11750006.jpg (94860 bytes)
11750009.jpg (89902 bytes)
Martin Parsons Pick:  First of all, works as been freakin' nuts and with the trolley issue keeping me busy I haven't had a lot of time to donate towards Barp, but things just might be calming down a bit. Anyways, ERRS #601, ex Hannover 601 is seen outside of the Strathcona car barns while being moved around. The car could be in revenue service soon after being moved the D.L. McDonald Transit Yards. This car was a prototype for Hannover, built by Siemens - Duwag. The car was purchased by the BC Government to show off LRT technology, however the Skytrain was chosen. Then the car was sold to the ERRS.
September 2004:
0005.jpg (170928 bytes)
08122004.jpg (144588 bytes)
Ken Baker's Pick: Well, I really couldn't make up my mind which bus I wanted to use for my photo of the month, so I decided to use two preserved buses.  Both buses are GM T6H4521 models, however being restored by two different people.  Ex-Edmonton Transit #5 is shown in the first photo, built in 1968 along with units #1-10, shown in storage at the former Cromdale Garage for Edmonton Transit waiting to be restored.  That bus was photographed on August 25, 2004 while a group of local bus fans got a rare chance to tour the old bus garage and photograph all that was in storage.  The second photo shows Ex-Edmonton Transit #22, built in 1969 along with units #11-25, shown in the parking lot of a local Wal-Mart store in Calgary, Alberta while I work at restoring this bus back to it's 1978 looks.  This photo was taken on August 12, 2004.  Pretty soon, I should have #22 looking like new again with a fresh coat of red and white paint hopefully sometime in 2005.  This bus is in pretty awesome shape and by far is the best GM I have owned to today.  Please check out the Preserved Bus section to see more photos and information about the restoration of this bus at  For those of you interested in bus recordings, there is a 7 minute clip linked on that page too under the August 12, 2004 listing at the bottom of that page.
geneva721.jpg (145891 bytes) Martin Parsons Pick: Geneva double articulated trolleybus #721 outside of the railway station at the Geneva Airport.
October 2004:
0158.jpg (115710 bytes)
0158r.jpg (126267 bytes)

0158-1.jpg (169100 bytes)
Ken Baker's Pick:  

Ken Baker's Bus Photo: A significant point in the history of trolley bus operations in Edmonton Transit occurred on July 27, 2004.  City Council of Edmonton voted 8-5 to keep the trolley bus system going until 2008 when it would be reviewed again and a cost comparison between operating trolley buses versus diesel-electric hybrid buses would be put head to head.

September 18th, 2004 was another milestone day in trolley bus operation as Edmonton's swift, strong, and silent trolley buses made it back on the Route 5 - Westmount/Coliseum for the first time since back in May 2004 when the trolleys were pulled from the road.

My bus photo of the month reflects another milestone of trolley bus history as #158 is shown in the first two photos on display on 102 Avenue during the 60th Anniversary of the Trolley bus system in Edmonton, the oldest trolley bus system still operating today in Canada, with Vancouver's system about 11 years younger than Edmonton's.  Those two photos were taken on September 25, 1999 with 158 advertising "Don't pull the shade on our environment" painted advertisement all over the bus.

But back to 2004 when Edmonton Transit management and some members of city council fought to have the trolley bus system abandoned, there was some major controversy that came up.  Councilor Jane Batty had one of the most unforgettable quotes about Edmonton's trolley bus system, stating that "... the trolley buses are a luxury to have...".  Is this true?  Is it a luxury to have a fresh breath of air at street level?  Edmonton kept trying to push trolley buses out the door and push having "clean" diesel buses on the road.  They aren't that clean as you think they are, they still pollute the same, just that the pollution is a translucent gas instead of the clouds of smoke like the older diesel bus fleet.

But where is 158 advertising it's "Don't pull the shade on our environment" painted ad?  158 is now in storage at Cromdale, as shown in the third photo as it was found on August 25, 2004.  What a shame to see this bus in storage where it's message can never be heard.

Help keep the trolley buses operating in the city of Edmonton!  For those of you that live in Edmonton, on October 18th, vote for someone who will keep trolley buses going for our future.  Write to City Councilors, the Mayor, and Edmonton Transit asking to buy a low floor accessible trolley bus.  The low floor trolley bus is available from New Flyer Industries of Canada.  Vancouver, BC already has a contract to purchase 228 of these low floor trolley buses from New Flyer Industries.  Please show your encouragement to have one of Vancouver's new trolley buses demonstrated in Edmonton when the first ones come off the production line between 2005 and 2007.

Martin Parsons Pick: Red Deer Transit has on lease 3 ETS bus. 1974 T6H-5307N's #305 and 308, and 1975 T6H-5307N #343. #308 is the only one in service right now, and is seen in these photos departing the Red Deer Transit Garage, and earlier sitting inside waiting to leave.
November 2004:

Ken Baker's Pick: Lethbridge Transit 125 is a 1980 GM T6H5307N shown photographed parked outside of the Lethbridge Transit Garage waiting for it's next run.  This bus now sports the Firestone rubber bumpers on it that came from Ex-Winnipeg Transit #271.

Come check out the latest Lethbridge Transit update including these 3 photos and 49 other new photos added on November 12, 2004!

ets4908-2.jpg (208700 bytes)
ets4908-4.jpg (215755 bytes)

ets4908-3.jpg (194887 bytes)
Martin Parsons Pick: ETS #4908 is seen making a turn onto 96 Ave from 105 St as a route 9. The bus was photographed while on the final days of a detour for road construction on Rossdale/ River Valley Road.
December 2004:
0767.jpg (204022 bytes)
0767-1.jpg (184002 bytes)
0767-2.jpg (177757 bytes)
0767-3.jpg (167166 bytes)
0767intr.jpg (140920 bytes)
Ken Baker's Pick:  BC Transit #767 is a 1966 GM TDH4519 shown restored at the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society in Saanichton, BC (A suburb of Victoria).  In 1990, this bus, along with #762, were both rebuilt from the ground up and included several modifications such as a repainted interior, reupholstered passenger seats, upright exhaust and air intake system, new driver's seat and telescoping/tilting steering column, and other modifications to make this bus feel like a T6H4523N before it was retired.  It later served Victoria for all it's life until around 2002 when it was retired.  762 is still in service as of sometime in 2004 in Duncan, BC, just north of Victoria, and hopefully that bus will survive longer than 767 in revenue service.

767 can be viewed at the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society off of Lochside Drive and Pat Bay Highway in Sannichton, BC.  The Saanich Historical Artifacts Society's website can be viewed at for more information about the society.

Martin Parsons Pick:  None picked.

Rail Photos of the Month:

January 2004:
0384.jpg (90861 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: Southern Railway of British Columbia #384 is a 1974 EMD SD38-2 shown photographed here at the SRY yards in the New Westminister, BC on September 14, 2003
Martin Parsons pick was not selected for this month
February 2004:
8015.jpg (64019 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: Rocky Mountainer Railtours 8015 is a GMD GP40-2(W) photographed on May 31, 2003 inside of the CP Rail Alyth Yards in Calgary, Alberta
cn2596.jpg (109708 bytes) Martin Parsons pick: CN #2596 leading a train through Kamloops on a hot summer day. #2596 is a 9-44CW.
April 2004:
Ken Baker's Pick: CP Rail 1632 is a EMD GP9 shown at about mile 174.9 of the Brooks Subdivision with 1515 leading it and coupled to caboose 434609 as it pushes a train towards the industrial yards in Calgary, AB, located off of 9th Avenue and about 7 Street SE.  This photo was taken on June 3, 2003.
via201.jpg (96755 bytes) Martin Parsons pick: VIA #201, a SW1000, is seen here at VIA's at VIA's Mimco yards.
May 2004:
Ken Baker's Pick: CP Rail 5853 is shown heading through the Rocky Mountains at Glacier, BC leading a grain train on August 24, 1986
cp8557.jpg (72631 bytes)
cp8557-2.jpg (66492 bytes)
Martin Parsons pick: CPR 8557 is the sole unit on a westbound train heading out of Downtown Calgary on the Laggan sub on a chilly December day in 2003.
June 2004:
4743.jpg (214498 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick: CP Rail 4743 is a 1970 MLW M-636 shown photographed at the Saratoga Spur mile 4 on May 8, 1993.  This locomotive is now Delaware-Lackawanna 3643.
Martin Parsons pick was not selected this month
July 2004:
Neither Ken Baker or Martin Parsons made a selection for this month.  Sorry :-(
August 2004:
Ken Baker's Pick:  STCUM 1301 is a GMD FP7A, shown photographed in Montreal, Quebec leading a train on a sunny day on May 19, 1994.  Socit de transport de la Communaut urbaine de Montral is what STCUM stands for.  STCUM operates commuter rail service through the metropolitan Montreal area.
Martin Parsons pick was not selected for this month
September 2004:
1203.jpg (60335 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick:  SOO Line 1203 is shown running at the CP/SOO Line Yard in Bensenville, IL on November 29, 1996.
Martin Parsons pick was not selected for this month
October 2004:
8019.jpg (48931 bytes) Ken Baker's Pick:  Canadian Atlantic Railway #8019, a MLW RS23, is shown photographed in St. John, NB on May 15, 1994

Martin Parsons Pick: Canadian Pacific AC4400CW #8526 is seen leading an eastbound train out of Calgary on July 11, 2004.
November 2004 to December 2004:
Neither Ken Baker or Martin Parsons made a selection for these months.  Sorry :-(

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